Research philosophy at the Integrative Systems Biology Lab

Our research aims to develop large-scale, computer-aided models of biological signaling, transcription regulatory networks and regulatory pathways.  We apply new experimental strategies and statistical frameworks with the aim to integrate, model, and visualize the enormous amount of measurements derived from genome-wide experiments such as ultra-high-throughput DNA and RNA sequencing, proteins and mRNAs expression, and protein-protein interactions arising in the wake of the Human Genome Project.  These tools are crucial to the success of systems biology, an approach that aims to understand biological systems as more than merely the sum of their parts.

We study biological sequences and how these are regulated in the context of an entire system. We conduct bioinformatics and experimental research by applying genome-scale approaches to derive and test network models of complex systems such as the transcription regulation in higher organisms. We are focusing of on climate change impact the evolution of Coral Reef animals in the Red Sea