Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Junior Group Leader

    Biootechnology Center

    Technische Universitat Dresden (BIOTEC) 

  • Feras Lafi

    Research Scientist

    KAUST Center for Desert Agriculture

  • Proteomic Manager

    KAUST Bioscience Core Lab

  • Group Leader

    The APEC Climate Center (APCC)

    Busan, Republic of Korea

Research Group Staff

  • MS Student at KAUST

  • Laboratory Manager

PhD Students

  • Co-supervised with Prof. Christian Voolstra
  • Research Associate

    Institute of Molecular Biology

    Mainz, Germany

  • Research Associate

    Saudi Human Genome Program

    King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

  • ​Postdoc at Johnson & Johnson. USA
  • Co-supervised with Prof. Jürgen Kosel
  • Scientist

    Saudi Aramco

Masters Students

  • PhD candidate

    Biology program, Standford University, USA

  • PhD candidate

    Bioinformatics program, University of British Columbia, Canada

  • MS in Bioinformatics

    Lund University


  • Internship Visiting Student

  • Saudi ARAMCO
  • PhD candidate

    KAUST Laboratory of Cellular Imaging and Energetics (Prof. Pierre Magistretti)